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Welcome to our web page. We have owned Vizslas since 1993 and after much reflection bred our first litter in 2001. Our aim is to breed Vizslas with sound temperaments, good health as well as the all-around ability to perform as the versatile companions they were meant to be.  Our Vizslas get exposed to hunting, agility, obedience training (traditional and Rally-O) as well as being shown in conformation. But they are first and foremost our "babies".

We have only bred on a limited basis (one litter each in 2001, 2002 and 2003) and try to choose the homes where we place our puppies with utmost care.  From time to time, we also have adult dogs to place, as is the case presently.

We are expecting a litter in early July 2008 and are accepting reservations.

Naturally - at least we think it is only natural - we offer lifetime support. While we do not pretend to know all the answers, it is also a learning experience for us when we have to research a question from one of our puppy / dog owners. We did not know anything when we got our first Vizsla, Gibson, so we encourage everyone to call if they are uncertain of anything. As they say, there ARE no bad questions ... except for the one that are never asked.

We encourage our buyers to compete with their dogs:  be it in conformation, field, agility, obedience or anything else that their Vizsla can consider a job but fun!  We also invite all our Vizsla buyers to discover the beauty of a Vizsla on game: nothing beats the sight of a Vizsla on point!





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