Grouseland Vizsla

Onpoints Betting High- "Cindy"  04-06-1996 -


Cindy - otherwise known as "Mommy's Princess" - became our second Vizsla: Diane's Birthday present in 1996, three years after she had given me Gibson.

The breeder told us they placed Cindy with us because she was the runt of the litter.  We don't know how Cindy's littermates turned out, but we couldn't be happier with her.  The following year, Cindy introduced us to Vizsla's reason for being:  hunting.  She was a natural and that is how we discovered our passion for hunting and watching our dogs have REAL fun.  She may be small, but Cindy has incredible drive and stamina.  Not to mention instinct and nose.  It is amazing watching her not only hunt by smell, but also detouring to check out places where she has learned that game will hide.  She will be twelve in less than a month, and she still insists on having her turn every day we go hunting.

Diane has done obedience training and Rally-O with Cindy.

We are particularly proud of our "seniors" or veterans, both Cindy and Kristi.  They still go for their daily runs in the field where they run for a good 20 minutes.

We also think it is also one of the most telling signs of a breeder that breeds for the wrong reasons:  if they claim to have years of experience but don't have any old(er) dogs - only "producers" - we think it's a pretty good sign that they are only in it for what their dogs produce.  Breeders who love the breed and their dogs can't separate themselves from the dogs they love.

First picture of Cindy when we got her home.   





  Who's the boss ?  Cindy with Gibson.



Cindy by her mere presence commands the respect of the pack.

Cindy's favorite passtime ...


We call Cindy our "RCMP" dog:  she always gets her bird.  Not long after this picture was taken, we entered Cindy in her first (and only) hunt test.  After retrieving what was her first bird, she literally spit it at me from about 5 feet.  She didn't earn a passing mark, but everyone (judges and gallery) had to turn away and laugh!  Her hunting abilities are no laughing matter, however:  she has proven herself time and time again.


... Cindy (at right with Kristi at left in the picture) with shot game (Roughed Grouse in La Verendrye park) Mmm-mmm good.




Cindy's least favorite passtime, on the other hand, is having her nails clipped ... which is a good time to hide "behind" Kristi.
... even if it's in Kristi's already ocupied crate.




  Cindy's 13th Birthday Party complete with doggy birthday cake.


Cindy on one of her daily runs.     


 Not because I'm 13 years old that I can't get a "little" dirty - mommy was "REAL" proud of me!

... but there's a time for everything ...  Getting dirty was hard work!   


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