Grouseland Vizslas


Grouseland One Tough Peanut - "Peanut"


Peanut was our pick from our first litter.  And what a pick!  Peanut does it all:  obedience, Rally-O(bedience), agility, hunting.
While she doesn't have any titles, this is more a reflection of her "dad" than her abilities.
She could also be a champion clown, if such a title existed.



On the Left:  2001      -      On the Right:  2003
Anybody notice a resemblance?











First hunting season - Peanut (at left) in "training" with her brother Blue and Cindy (in vest). Peanut's first bird (grouse).







Peanut is as intense as they get.  She only has two speeds:  on and off.  Off means she's asleep.  On, means she is going pedal-to-the-metal, either in the "bush" or through an agility course.  We have often wondered how she even manages to find any birds (or rabbits) at the speed she rips through the underbrush.   But find them she does.
After a full day of hunting or anything else that a Vizsla can fit into its life, Peanut likes to curl up in her dad's lap for some "quality time".




Peanut on a particularly good day:  she located a spruce grouse "convention".  
We never made our limits quicker than that day.





Peanut clears a couple of jumps at a "fun match" in Drummondville.


Peanut flashing through the tire.

Showing nice form over the walk.



,,, "working it" to get her "quality time".


... and Peanut in the Hamptons.

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