Grouseland Vizsla

Onpoints Tequila Shooter - "Gibson"  ( 07-12-1993 to 08-30-2006 )


Gibson was our first Vizsla:  he was an early birthday present from Diane in the summer of 1993 ... my birthday is in December.  When we went to the breeder's to pick out a puppy, it almost seemed like he kept "saying":  pick me!  Pick me! ... me, ME, ME!









First picture of Gibson after we had picked him out.






We didn't know it, but we weren't quite ready for such a smart dog.  Just a few days after we brought him home (he was 8 weeks old), he found Oh-Oh a stray cat that we saved.  But Gibson patiently waited until we learned to understand what he was telling us.  He was sweet, gentle and a good guard dog / babysitter:  he once "cut off" our neighbor's son (pictured below) when he was headed towards the stairs.





                                                                                                                 Gibson with our neighbor's son.










Gibson with baby




He was also a clown and had an insatiable drive for the "ladies".  He managed to break a heavy gauge metal crate trying to get out and at Kristi.  But he would also do anything to please us.

Last, but not least, he had an excellent nose.  On one run, he "retrieved" a baby duckling to hand with nothing but a little drool on it.









                 Pictured with his handlers ... Claude and myself handled him about half-and-half.





It wasn't until he was over three years old that we started showing him.  It took him only three weekends to get his championship.






Gibson watching over his offspring.






We will always remember and miss our sweet Boy.


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