Grouseland Vizslas


Onpoints Betting High- "Cindy"  04-06-1996 -

Cindy became our second Vizsla:  my birthday present to Diane in 1996, three years after she had given me Gibson.  The following year, we were introduced to Vizslas' reason for being:  hunting.  Cindy was a natural and that is how we discovered our passion for hunting and watching our dogs have REAL fun.









                                   First picture of Cindy when we got her home.










  Who's the boss ?








Cindy by her mere presence commands the respect or the pack.





                                   Cindy's favorite passtime ...






We call Cindy our "RCMP" dog:  she always gets her bird.






... Cindy on right (with Kristi) and shot game (Roughed Grouse in La Verendrye park) Mmm-mmm good.





Cindy's least favorite passtime, on the other hand, is having her nails clipped ... 








                 ... which is a good time to hide.
                    ... even if it's in Kristi's already ocupied crate.





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